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contact us

International Marketing Center: Shanghai humin Road No. 818.Production base: Huzhou Nanxun science and Technology Industrial Park, home and road

National toll free hotline:400-885-2518

TEL: 0572-3786208 3786508Fax: 0572-3786633 2902511
The general agent of Chongqing: Gong Quan contact: 023-8626716813527380550 address: Chongqing city Shapingba Linjiang decorative City
The general agent of Jilin: Zhao Hongxiang contact: 0431-8551339713943077999 address: Changchun City65 Main Street Eurasian hypermarkets E District 1 on the
The general agent of Xinjiang: Liu Aibing contact: 0991-668059013609913536 address: Urumqi Guanghui Mercure Logistics Park C1-215Red Sorghum floor
The general agent of Fuzhou: Lin Junying 15959092970 Fujian Fuzhou Taijiang District Health Victoria a layer of237-238
The general agent of Ezhou: Wang Honglin 13329967050 Ezhou City Fei Ngo Shan building materials market No. 6666
Taizhou general agent: Kim0523-86658958 15062996918Taizhou City Jia decorative City 29209-211
Yancheng general agent: Week boss 0515-88567038 15251073673Jiangsu Yancheng City Development Road No. 288bright phearl Mart No. B3-102
The general agent of Baotou: Gao Xianming 15247264355 Inner Mongolia Baotou City Qingshan District three Sen Mei home building materials City Hall of Hongkong No. 96
Other regional distributor, please contact the0572-3786208 query.
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